Net Control Protocol

Good evening to all. This is the Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club 2 Meter Net. This net meets daily at 0300 UTC on the VE5CI repeater on the frequency of 146.940 negative for the purpose of passing traffic, bulletins, or other items of interest to radio amateurs in the Moose Jaw area.

Your net manager is ____________________ (name & call) and your net controller for this evening is ____________________ (name & call).

  1. Is there any emergency or priority traffic?
  2. Are there any visiting amateurs in the Moose Jaw area who wish to check into the net?
  3. Are there any stations wishing to call another or who wish to check out early?
  4. Is there any mobile or portable traffic?
  5. Is there any news of ill or hospitalized amateurs?
  6. Is there any formal or informal traffic?
  7. Are there any bulletins or news of amateur activities?
  8. Are there any check-ins from the following areas?
    1. Regina City and surrounding area?
    2. From outside the City of Moose Jaw?
    3. Moose Jaw City:
      • South Hill?
      • North East?
      • North West?
  9. Are there any stations late or missed?
  10. Last call for check-ins from anywhere, or any other items of interest to amateurs?

There being no further check-ins or traffic, I wish to thank all those stations who checked in this evening and will now close the net, and leave the repeater open for normal amateur use. The net is now closed at _____ UTC. Good evening to all. ____________________ (call) is now clear.