Daily Phone Net on VE5CI
Net is held daily on the 34/94 repeater and is usually very well attended. Although check-ins and other traffic don't often exceed 10 minutes, once in a blue moon someone comes out with some weird statement that ends up in a half hour discussion for the enjoyment of everyone. More often than not, things are "Quiet and Peaceful".

Our Net is held each day at 0300 hrs Z, or 2100 hrs local. The Net Manager is DAVE  VE5DLM. 
Below is a list of our Net Controllers and the nights they operate.  When available 

PLEASE feel free to jump in if you do not hear anyone call net   

Sunday  VE5TRF Monday 
Tuesday VE5DLM Wed    VE5TRG   Thursday VE5KJS Friday OPEN Saturday OPEN


If you are interested in calling the net some evening, please make your intentions known to the president, I'm sure there would be room for more volunteers..
Listed below are 3  files, one in html and one in MS word format,  AND the word viewer. feel free to download either one, whenever the preambles get changed , you can pick up the newest here  if you cannot get the word format preamble to look right after clicking on it try this
1. right click on "word"
2. choose "save target as"
3. pick a folder to send it to.
4. your done. 


NEW  Nightly net count log