VE5MA, In The Beginning

In the later months of 1921, the Amateurs in Moose Jaw felt a need to come together as a group for their betterment and generally for technical co-operation amongst themselves. On the evening of November 16, 1921 these Amateurs as well as other radio enthusiasts met at the Y.M.C.A. and thus was formed the Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Association. A temporary set of club rules were adopted and the clubs Executive was then elected. W.R. (Wally) Pottle 4AO was President, with Pat Bayley as Vice President, J.E. Brickett as Secretary and A. Mathers 4AC as Treasurer. At this time there were 11 radio sets (not all necessarily transmitter/ receiver combos) in Moose Jaw owned by W.R. Pottle 4AO, Alf and Jack Mather (4AC), Doug Smith (4DN), Jack Brickett, Pat Bayley, A.E. Saunders, E. Meadows, A. Rozell, W. Seaborn, and L. Gelser. As a matter of note, around 1926 or 1927, J.E. Brickett's call was 4HH. Also during this time period were Moose Jaw Amateurs S.J. Baker 4IW, A.C. Cox 4BF and C.S. Banting 4CP. Here is a scanned image of a membership certificate for Mr. T. Holtby 4EO dated Nov. 16, 1922. Here's a 1922 Moose Jaw Evening Times newspaper clipping concerning some local hams and Mr. J. Maynard, CPR Agent and amateur operator, of Morse Saskatchewan.




A Membership card from that era